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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Above all else we care about efficiency, professionalism and humor.

How I feel when people say I’m sexist. šŸ˜‚ Ryan (boss man) and myself, Britt (lady boss) run the Boudoir Louisville studio. Above all else we care about efficiency, professionalism and humor. šŸ˜‰ These days you can’t say ‘I just love PB&J’s’ without someone saying that it’s insensitive to their kid with the peanut allergy.... I post a real life vintage ad from the 50’s, and I’m called sexist for finding the humor in it. I post a meme of Don Draper cracking a joke about women making less money in the work force (which is a real issue even though I find the humor in the meme itself) and I’m called sexist with all hell breaking loose. Someone tells me they don’t want to see women treated as a sex object.... HELLO! This is a boudoir photography page! That’s like posting a picture of a fantastically prepared meal and getting offended when someone says it looks appetizing! Just because a woman embraces her sexy, that doesn’t mean that she’s not also a strong and independent woman who celebrates what makes her hot. Let’s pull the stick out, and enjoy our time on social media. šŸ˜Š You don’t like a post? Keep scrolling. It’s super easy. Enjoy your week, friends! I’d love to hear your thoughts! #notsexist #empoweringwomen
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