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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bowling Alley Pinup Girl! Vernon Lanes + Boudoir Louisville

Pinup girls always need to do doing something, other than just sitting around being cute. We always make sure our pinup girls are actively doing something. What better thing to make her do than BOWLING?! This is the second time we have shot at Vernon Lanes. The owner was nice enough to open the doors to us for a second time a few months ago. If you've never been to Vernon Lanes, check them out. It is a great little retro bowling alley close to downtown Louisville in the Butchertown area. Super nice people and great drink prices. Oh yeah, and they have bowling!
Enough jibber-jabber, time for some pics!
*For you photo nerds, I used 3 Profoto B1 strobes with various modifiers. Babe bulb to light the environment, Chimera collapsible beauty dish and Profoto parabolic for the main light.

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