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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


You read it right! Boudoir Louisville turned 5 years old TODAY! In honor of our 5 years in business, we thought it would be super snazzy to give away 5 of our on location pinup girl photo shoots! Want to win one of these awesome shoots? keep reading…

- In our 5 years we have shot right around 1800 clients. 95% of these clients are normal, everyday girls.   Not models! 

- We have been featured in over 150 pinup magazine spreads. 

- We have had stories done on us in 20 major media publications, 6 of them international publications.   

- We have had 2 major production companies court us for our very own reality TV show. 
(Still in the works!)  

- We have sponsored countless pinup girl contests. 

- 3 years ago, SHOOT SEXY was published by Ilex Press. They are a publishing company out of London. This book is available in 4 languages and can be bought in any major book retailer. Barnes and Noble has it sitting on their shelves nationwide! It can also be ordered via Amazon and other online bookstores.

- In 5 years we have grown our studio from a 250 sq ft space in the Mellwood Arts Center to a spacious 4500 sq ft studio on Baxter Ave.

- We have traveled to Las Vegas, New Orleans, St. Louis, Nashville, Cleveland, Harrisburg, Millerstown, Pittsburg, Dallas, San Antonio, Gatlinburg, Baltimore, Odessa and many other cities close to home. In each city, we find unique locations and book pinup and boudoir photo shoots.

- In 2011 we started offering workshops to photographers wanting to learn how to shoot boudoir and pinup. Those workshops are still available and going strong.

- We have grown our social media followers to over 80,000 combined!

OK, now that I'm done tooting my own horn, it's time for some FREEBIES!
Over the years, we have been known for our "on-location" pinup photos. We want to give everyone a chance to win their very own pinup girl photo shoot with Boudoir Louisville!
So what's the catch? The only thing we ask is that you sign a model release so we can show off your pics to our friends and fans. We also ask that you show up on time, well rested, the day of your shoot. Shoots will take place in the Louisville, KY area. If you cancel or have to reschedule, we will move on to the next girl. Thems the rules!

So how do you enter?
It's simple. Go to the Boudoir Louisville Facebook Page and upload a full length photo of yourself making your favorite pinup pose and pinup girl face. Feel free to upload as many photos as you like, just make sure one of them is full length! Since we do not provide wardrobe, we ask that you dress to impress. If you own a pinup dress, please wear it for your photo you upload. If you have skinny jeans and a wife beater, cuff those jeans and wear a pair of super tall heels. Own a retro looking bathing suit? Wear it with some tall heels and send us a pic! Be creative. The whole idea is to catch our attention. The photos do not need to be "professional" photos, that's OUR department! Have a friend snap a pic of you with your phone. We are just looking for girls that are into the whole "pinup" thing and have a few outfits that would work well on camera. For pinup, personality is everything.

Upload your pinup photos to the Boudoir Louisville Facebook Page no later than July 31st, 2014.
We will make our selections August 1st, 2014. After selections have been made, we will arrange a date and time with you to shoot photos like the ones below!

Can't wait to see everyone's pics! Good luck!