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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My book, Shoot Sexy, has been getting rave reviews and tons of press!

I'm very excited! My first book to be published WORLDWIDE has been selling great and being reviewed like gangbusters! It has been loads of fun reading all of the reviews. It's also been quite a bit of work writing guest articles for some of the top photography magazines in the world!
My publicist is awesome! WOW, I love saying' that!

Here is a review from

Shoot Sexy: Pinup photography in the digital age is a quirky and fun book which guides you through the technique of pinup photography. 

The book covers everything from shooting pinups in a studio, shooting pinups on location and how to pose your shoots. These is also a section on burlesque shots, and editing your images to get the best effects.
The book covers all the basics from setting up your studio, what models should wear and the key poses in the genre, to the lighting you should use and making the image tell a story. Even a complete novice can start shooting pinup photography using this book.
After covering all the top studio tips, the book moves on to discuss on location shoots, with loads of tips on using objects in the frame to compliment the model. Diagrams show how the shot was set up and where lighting and objects were placed, so that the scene cane be replicated easily by anyone who has the equipment.
Ryan Armbrust writes the book in a casual yet informative way that really involves the reader and doesn't patronise them. All the technical aspects are covered whilst still remaining user friendly to the reader, which makes the book very easy to take in.
It is a very niche area of photography, but pinup photography has an unmistakable vintage air about it that makes it enjoyable to look at.

There was a fantastic article in a European magazine this month as well. 10 full pages! I will scan it and blog it next week!

Amazon and Barnes & Noble have been selling through it pretty fast as well. I guess it is the 5 star ratings and reviews it has gotten!

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