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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Pretty Things Peepshow needs your help!

The cast of The Pretty Things Peepshow dropped by the Boudoir Louisville studio while in town for a show a few weeks ago to shoot some new promo photos. During our shoot, Go Go Amy explained their need for a new tour bus. I heard some interesting horror stories about their means of travel!

For those of you who don't know about The Pretty Things Peepshow,  they are a traveling Vaudeville show. They have been touring the nation for 4 years bringing back a piece of American Theater history and a bit of excitement and glamour in each and every one of their 400+ shows. They currently travel in a 1995 ford Shasta RV that they bought 4 years ago when they started the show. They modified it to be more like a tour bus. The redistribution of weight from the modifications has caused them a world of trouble and repairs, and with all the miles they put on it in the last 4 years it’s becoming unsafe to travel in it for much longer. It’s time to upgrade because right now the little hunk of junk that they call home is basically just held together with duck tape and hope. The show has also grown tremendously since they first got together and they now need to take a larger cast and crew. Their performers acts have gotten so big that they are barely able to fit all of their props, costumes and musical instruments in the vehicle they have now. RV’s are “recreational vehicles” and are not meant to be driven the way they use theirs, which is why they want to buy an actual tour bus. 

ANYWAY, they started a project via Kickstarted to raise funds for a new bus! It would mean the world to us all if you clicked and donated. It doesn't have to be a crazy amount. If everyone reading this donated $1-$5, they would meet their goal in no time!