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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Heather Holliday - Sword Swallowing Pinup Girl visits Boudoir Louisville!

How's THAT for an attention grabbing blog post title?
When we first found out that Heather Holiday from the Pretty Things Peepshow was going to be dropping by the Boudoir Louisville studio for a photo shoot, I instantly began thinking about the shots we would get of her doing what she does, sword swallowing! When I showed the photos to a few friends, they asked me if I had a trick or cut down sword I was using as a studio prop. At the bottom of this post, I have included a snazzy video. Proof enough for ya?!

Sideshow Sweetheart and a Sword Swallowing Sensation!

Born and raised in new york city, Heather Holliday proudly performs sideshows toughest and most dangerous stunts. This dainty delectable dame, only 5'3'' and weighing 110lbs, stuns audiences as she takes over 2 feet of solid steel from the tip of her lips right down to the bottom of her belly with unbelievable grace.  Swallowing swords might be her forte, but Heather has also mastered the carnival arts of fire eating/breathing, glass eating, pain proof woman/bed of nails, whip cracking, and more!  Her demeanor on stage leaves the women in awe and the men in love, as she can perform stunts that might make you sick to your stomach, but keep you drooling for more. Heather has performed with The Coney Island Circus Sideshow since 2004, has traveled with the world famous Brothers Grim Sideshow, and currently tours with The Pretty Things Peepshow.  She has made appearances on stages and television shows across the nation, such as Miami Ink, Girls Next Door, The Travel Channel, Telemundo, and has cameo appearances in music videos for 50 Cent, and Rick Ross.

I shot everything seen in this post with a very basic setup. I used an Alien Bee 800 with a 30 degree grid directly behind Heather. This acted as a hair light as well as lighting the red stage curtain. It provided a great falloff as it lit the background as well. For my main, I used another Alien Bee 800 with a 36" softbox. That's it, nice and simple!

Heather is a complete joy to shoot with. If you ever notice the Pretty Things Peepshow rolling through YOUR town, grab a gang of your closest friends a check them out. It is a show that is not to be missed!

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