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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pinup Girl photo shoot shot entirely with the Fuji X100 - Boudoir Louisville

The Fuji X100 has got to be the most exciting camera to hit the market in years! I love this thing. The retro styling of it fits right in with what I am doing at the Boudoir Louisville studio. I played around with it while running around town one day and decided I needed to see what it would do in studio. I had a couples pinup photo shoot booked for later in the day, this would be the perfect place to run it through it's paces.

The thing looks pretty goofy with my Cyber Commander on top of it.

After adjusting a few in camera settings, we were ready to shoot. I set the X100 to manual, dialed in my normal in studio camera settings and snapped the first pic. Looked great. I ended up using the Fuji X100 for the whole shoot. The pics all turned out very sharp, no problem with image quality what so ever. In fact, with proper lighting, it gives my Nikon D700's a run for their money!
Overall, VERY pleased with this little camera.

This thing looks out of place in my big ham-fists! 

The above photo is straight out of the Fuji X100, no post processing.

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