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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Retro Lovely Magazine photo shoot at Old Sled Works with Kelly!

This past weekend, the Boudoir Louisville team visited Duncannon and Harrisburg PA for a series of pinup girl photo shoots. The first girl we shot was Kelly. She won the "Miss SleighMate" contest through Retro Lovely Magazine. As part of her winnings, she received 2 photo shoots. The first photo shoot was by me at this fantastic location. The second shoot would be the following day by Michael Bann, Retro Lovely head honcho.
The location we used was Old Sled Works. This place is amazing. The owner, Jimmy, has re-created an old soda fountain as well as a penny arcade inside his antique store. IT ALL WORKS! EVERY GAME, ALL THE SODA FOUNTAIN ITEMS!
So much fun!
After shooting the contest winner for the magazine, we booked other shoots here as well. Stay tuned for more from our weekend at Old Sled Works!

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