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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jessica's Boudoir photo shoot with our new Boudoir Backdrops background!

Jessica booked a boudoir and pinup photo shoot as an anniversary gift for her fella. He is actually deployed at this time, but will return to celebrate their wedding anniversary in a few weeks. She is going to hand him a book packed full of her boudoir and pinup photos. I'm kinda hoping she hands it to him at the airport...
Jessica was a lot of fun to shoot with. She brought one of her girlfriends to cheer her on through her photo shoot. She really didn't need any help in this department, but the two of them were so much fun.
HOPEFULLY Jessica's friend books her own shoot with us, just sayin'!

For part of Jessica's boudoir photo shoot, we used a brand spankin' new photo backdrop from ! The HUGE hand painted backdrop made shooting full body length shots a snap. The background is a whopping 10' wide by 9' tall! The entire thing is hand painted. Give their website a look for more info.

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