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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A few pics from the Boudoir Louisville Boudoir and Pinup Workshop!

Thanks to everyone that booked one of our boudoir and pinup photography workshops. Everyone has had such a great time goofing off and learning how to shoot pinups and boudoir photos. It's not ALL fun and games though, we do teach you how to run the business side of things as well...
If you are thinking about starting your own boudoir or pinup photography business, or if you are just looking to add pinup to your existing boudoir business, give our workshop a look.
Here is a recent blog post that outlines our workshop.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!
Anyway, here are a few shots of the model we used for our last workshop.
Nisha was great! After our hair and makeup artist was finished with her, she looked like a total BOMBSHELL! Our "student" came to us from Houston Texas! Kat Mack runs her own boudoir studio but was wanting to offer pinup to her mix of products. You can give her a look by visiting her website, Intimate Expression Photography.

Here are a few of the pinups that I snapped during the workshop.

About half way through the first day of our boudoir and pinup workshop, we switch gears from pinup photography and move right into boudoir.
If the workshop attendee wants to focus 100% on pinup or 100% on boudoir, we can certainly do that! Since our workshop is one-on-one, we can tailor it for your needs.
Here are a few snaps for the boudoir portion of the day.

Want to book your very own Boudoir or Pinup photo shoot, visit Boudoir Louisville for more details. Snapping gorgeous pinup and boudoir photography in Louisville, Cincinnati, Lexington and beyond!