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Friday, March 18, 2011

Britt, Boudoir Louisville's Studio Manager, has her own shoot!

That's right ladies! After years of trying to convince Britt to do a boudoir photo session, Catherine and I FINALLY talked her into it! At the studio, we have a big flat panel that plays a slideshow of our past pinup and boudoir work while clients are getting their hair and makeup done. EVERYONE always asks where Britt's pics are! Not any more! Her pics have been added to that slideshow as well.
Over the past 2-ish years, we have shot almost 400 girls! You would think Britt would not be nervous and rock this shoot out. NOPE! She was nervous. Just goes to show you, EVERYONE that books us is nervous, even the studio manager.
Anyway, Britt did awesome! She looks gorgeous and her pics turned out FANTASTIC!

So Britt is going to kill me, but I am TOTALLY going to use her for a "before and after" blog post!
The pic below is what most of our clients get to see at the studio. I always tell Britt to dress for comfort so I can put her to work! I jacked this from her Facebook profile. I'm sure I'll catch shit for it...
As you can see, we know what we are doing! If we can turn Britt into a Bombshell, we can turn ANYONE into a Bombshell!
I'm NEVER going to hear the end of this one...
And Britt, quit picking your nose!

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