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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 Boudoir and Pinup Photography Workshop

Want to know how I shoot my boudoir and pinup sessions?
Starting a boudoir business or just want to take yours to the next level?

Boudoir Louisville now offers a boudoir and pinup photography workshop.
We run our workshops a little differently than most. Instead of attending a workshop with a room full of other photographers, we limit our workshops to just one person at a time. That's right, when you sign up for our workshop, you will receive one-on-one attention for the entire workshop! 
We will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to run your own boudoir business. We will not hold anything back.

We can schedule a workshop anytime of the year. Whatever fits your needs best.

We have our workshop broken down into two days. We can pack it all into one day, but due to our VERY laid back approach, we prefer to break it up.

Day one, you will be in studio for one of our "Bombshell" photo shoots from start to finish.
When the model arrives, our hair and makeup artist will go to work. During this time, our team will style the shoot. When the model is ready, we start shooting. When I say "WE", I mean you and I. Bring your camera! The entire photo shoot will be a questions & answers / hands-on kinda thing. Together, we will shoot several boudoir outfits and scenes. If you are also interested in pinup, we can get into that as well.

Day two, you will learn how to market your boudoir business. We will sit down in our lounge and go over what it takes to successfully attract clients to your new boudoir business. I will teach you how to use social networking as a way to sell your services. We can also critique your current website and images. What you learned in day one is of no use if you can't sell it!
If you have any questions from the first day, or want to go over additional lighting scenarios etc... we can revisit that as well.

Topics covered in our workshop:

-Day One-
Boudoir hair and makeup - How to find a H&M artist that will work well with your studio
How to style a shoot - Outfit selection and theme
Creative posing - What poses work best for different body types etc...
Creating boudoir sets - Designing the perfect location
How to shoot boudoir and pinup - Everything from lighting to camera settings
How to select props - What pieces work best for your studio
Coaching your clients - Learn the psychology involved

-Day Two-
How to market your business
Maximizing social media
Website critique
Portfolio critique
How to edit pinup and boudoir images

$1800 per workshop (Partners & assistants are half price!)
*Please note, we will not offer our workshop to anyone within a 200 mile radius of Louisville Kentucky.

Need more info or have a few questions for us? Visit Boudoir Louisville for more details. Snapping gorgeous pinup and boudoir photography in Louisville, Cincinnati, Lexington and beyond!