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Friday, November 12, 2010

Boudoir Louisville - Pinup Girl Photo Shoot at Wigwam Village in Cave City Kentucky

Cave City, Kentucky is famous for being located near the huge cave system known as Mammoth Cave National Park. I really do not believe that the city would be distinctive in its own right without the cave.
In its hayday, Cave City was quite the tourist location. The addition of I65 was probably the biggest blow to the tourism of little Cave City. It's difficult to run a roadside attraction when cars are not traveling your roadside!

One of my favorite Cave City roadside attractions is Wigwam Village #2. As soon as I visited this place, I knew I wanted to use it in one of my photo shoots.
In 1933, Frank Redford built a teepee shaped building in Horse City, KY. (Yes, they're technically teepees, not wigwams.) Adding more buildings, this eventually became Wigwam Village No. 1.

Redford applied for a patent in 1935 and it was granted in 1936.

In 1937, Wigwam Village No. 2 was built Cave City, KY, near Mammoth Cave National Park. By the early 1950s, seven wigwam villages had been built in the south and southwestern United States.

Three Wigwams Villages still exist: No. 2 in Cave City, No. 6 in Holbrook, AZ and No. 7 in Rialto- San Bernardino, CA.

Wigwam Village #2 1937

I had the location, and I had a pinup girl. The only thing I needed was a great old car!
Months ago, I put out a casting call on Facebook looking for a 1950's hotrod. Within a few days, I was connected with a gentleman by the name of Russell. Russell lives in Cave City and owns a gorgeous 1955 Chevy Bel Air. The car looks like it just rolled off the assembly line.

I booked us a snazzy Wigwam to use as our dressing and prep room. I'm glad I did, the room was fantastic! Our model, Catherine Jones, really liked the 1950's retro vibe of the room. It even had a sit down vanity for her to get ready!

I guess after reading me go on and on about this shoot, you are wanting to see pics!
Here ya go, hope you enjoy!
Look for the behind the scenes video to be posted some time next week, it's a hoot!

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