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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

VIDEO PROOF: Scooter, our hair/makeup artist, is a friggin' goofball!

Yesterday, Britt, Scooter and I went out shopping for Halloween costume items. Scooter came up with a crazy costume idea that involved a pair of stripper shoes. We took a drive out to the Zappo's outlet and started to look for trashy shoes. Scooter found a lovely clear and black 6" heel. He tries them on to see if he can walk in them. OF COARSE I pulled out my iphone and shot a video. The old man working at the shoe store did not think it was very funny. He just stood there while Scooter wobbled around on his stripper shoes. As soon as Scooter turned around and discovered this old man watching him, he about falls on his ass! The old man just looks at Scooter and grunts "TAKE THEM OFF"! Whatever...

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