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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pinup Girl in a Pumpkin Patch! Boudoir Louisville

A few months ago, I started doing something new with my on-location pinup shoots.
I started using past clients!
Amber booked a pinup and boudoir photo shoot with us a month or so ago. The whole time we were shooting, she kept giving it 110%! She is a huge goofball, just like the rest of the crew at Boudoir Louisville. When it came time for me to do another on-location photo shoot, I decided to give her a shout. I did this same thing with the 2nd Carnival Midway photo shoot.
If you book a shoot with us, and you have a fun pinup girl thing going, you might end up in one of our magazine photo shoots. I am currently shooting for a few pinup magazines and am always looking for wacky new photo shoot ideas.

Anyway, Amber trains horses for a living. Because of this, she lives way out in the middle of nowhere. When you live way out in the sticks, you have cool things, like pumpkin patches, in your backyard! With this being October, I thought it was a great idea!

As soon as I get a spare second, I will edit the behind the scenes video from this shoot. I make a pretty big ass of myself in this one...

Happy Halloween a few weeks early from Boudoir Louisville!

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