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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pinup Girl Sally cuts the grass!

I came up with an idea for a pinup photo shoot that involved a "country" setting. My hair and makeup guy, Scooter, had a friend that lived outside Louisville in the Bardstown area. Scooter texted me a photo of the place. It actually looked like a mini Cracker Barrel! This made the perfect backdrop to the pinup photo set I was wanting to shoot. When we got there and started looking around, I noticed an old reel push mower. CHANGE OF PLANS! I decided to have Sally push the mower around while I snapped Pinups of her mowing. Don't worry, we still shot the "washtub" pics I originally wanted to shoot. Look for those in a future blog post.
I'm also including a few "behind the scenes" photos. People have been giving me great response on these. We also shot a video that will be posted soon.

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