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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Boudoir Louisville • Rub-a-dub-dub, Sally in the tub!

I came up with an idea for a pinup photo shoot that involved a "country" setting. I'm a bit of a city dweller so I had to find a location. My hair and makeup guy, Scooter, had a friend that lived outside Louisville in the Bardstown area. Scooter texted me a photo of the place. It actually looked like a mini Cracker Barrel! This made the perfect backdrop to the pinup photo set I was wanting to shoot.
I have this old washtub that I keep as a pinup prop in my studio. I've shot with it before, but always IN STUDIO! This time, I wanted to get a garden hose involved. Didn't want to spray down the studio, so we hit the country.
I tossed the wash tub down in front of the mini Cracker Barrel, set up my lights and told Sally to sit in the tub and look "pinupy". We made sure to keep the lighting as well as her face and hair out of the spray.
About halfway through the shoot, a frog jumped through the center of the set. Scooter caught the thing and handed it to Sally. She dropped the from into the wash tub where she was sitting. So now we have a pinup girl and a frog in a wash tub with a garden hose spraying water everywhere! One of my more memorable shoots...
Video coming soon.

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