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Friday, May 21, 2010

Boudoir Louisville - Catherine Jones goes to the Drive In

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to try to pull off a classic pinup shoot with a hotrod and a pinup model at a drive in movie theater. Over the past few weeks, I put together the cast of goofs that would make it all happen.
Friends Brandon and Vicki had an awesome 1953 Buick Special. Now I just needed the pinup model. Enter Catherine Jones.
I've shot with her a few times in the past and was always happy with our shots.
We set the date and waited. The day of the shoot was chocked full of clouds and rain ALL DAY LONG. When it came time to shoot, it looked like the rain had stopped. I set up all my gear, snapped a dozen or so pics and it started to rain. We got all my gear covered and made sure Catherine got out of the rain. Pinup hair and makeup doesn't do well in the rain.
After 30 minutes or so, we got a break in the rain. We finished the set we were shooting just as it started to rain again.
Catherine retreated to my truck for a quick hair and makeup change as well as a new outfit. As soon as the rain stopped, we changed up locations.
Set all the gear up at the new spot, then it started to rain AGAIN!
During this rain, Brandon showed off the FLAME THROWERS on his '53 Buick Special.
That's right, this car belches fire out of the tailpipes!
The rain stopped again and we snapped what are my favorite shots from the night.
I really wanted to shoot some pinups with the drive in movie screen as the backdrop with the sunset over the screen, but due to the rain we missed sunset altogether.
Oh well, Catherine was great as always and we ended up with some great shots.

Video coming soon...