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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Boudoir photography was feature in the Velocity Louisville!

I was interview the other day for an article in the Velocity about Louisville Boudoir Photographers.
I copied the original article, written by Joseph Lord, below. Click the pic to see more of my Boudoir pictures.

My Angel is a Centerfold
Women are shedding their inhibitions, and their clothes, for the ultimate Valentine's gift

Dana Adams wanted to give her fiancΓ© a saucy gift for their wedding. Something he couldn't possibly be expecting, even though it was right in front of him.

Adams gave her husband risquΓ© photographs. Far from filthy, they were photos, professionally shot and retouched, of her posing in lingerie and in the nude. (With certain body parts obscured, that is.)
“I wanted something that would be sexy and classy,” said 24-year-old Adams, who brought a friend to the shoot last year for moral support.
“I'm not that modest of a person, so I wasn't afraid. We just had a good time, laughing all the time. I loved the experience, and I loved the pictures. My husband loved them, too.”

Boudoir photography has spiked in popularity over the past couple of years, say Louisville studio photographers. Influenced by men's magazines like Maxim — where celebrities pose in as little clothing as possible — women are increasingly baring it all (or most of it, anyway) in the quest for unique, personalized gifts for their significant others.

“I started doing it a year ago, just because I'd gotten a lot of requests,” said Ryan Armbrust, who owns Sniper Photography in Louisville. “It's just kind of snowballed.”

Boudoir photography comes in an assortment of styles — and several degrees of exposure.
Typically, boudoir sessions include photos in lingerie or a nightgown. Many of Armbrust's boudoir clients go for the pin-up girl aesthetic popular in the 1930s and 1940s.

It can get much more risquΓ©; another popular pose is to emulate the famous Rolling Stone cover shot of Janet Jackson, her arms raised and hands reaching around to cover her bare breasts, said Rosemary Brown of Monarch Photography in Crestwood.
“I think it's a romantic gesture, but it takes a certain type of person to do something like that,” she said. “All our boudoir clients leave saying how empowering it is. I think it's 60 percent for their partner, but I think the rest of it is they're doing it for themselves. And a lot of our clients say they're doing it now so they can have the photos when they get older.”
Some clients forgo clothing altogether. While most women obscure their privates, some of Brown's clients show off bare bottoms. “It's up to them how far they want to go,” Brown said.
(Obligatory University of Kentucky reference: Brown said some women have been known to pose in a UK jersey, and nothing else, a la Ashley Judd's famous 1998 Wildcat hockey poster.)

The photographs are almost always used as gifts, and the weeks before Valentine's Day and Christmas are especially busy for photographers. Like Adams, brides-to-be like to give the photos — either individual shots or whole albums — to grooms. Also, women whose significant others are posted overseas in the military also make up a large portion of the clientele.

But it's not simply for exhibitionists. The outwardly timid types can be some of the easiest to work with, Armbrust said.
“The shy and timid types study their poses,” he said. “It's a quicker shoot because they know what to do.”

Adams doesn't worry about the photos being misused. She enjoyed the experience so much that one of the photographs will get prominent play in her South End home. She and her husband just haven't picked the right photo yet.

“We're going to blow one up and put it above the bed,” she said, laughing.